We bring your content marketing strategy up-to-date. Whether you have a blog, sell products or do B2B, good content wil profit your business.

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What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing describes the process of creating and distributing any kind of media your company owns: Text, Video, Audio, PDFs or Images.

The goal is to create entertaining, informal or helping content for new or existing customers. People and Search Engines love media diversity.

With the right media-mix for your target group, we can strengthen your brand, position your company as an expert in your field and start automating your sales.

Content Marketing Benefits

  • Search Engines love good content
  • Generate value for your customers
  • Encourage loyalty and trust
  • Use it in your marketing campaigns

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Show expertise with a smart content marketing strategy. We plan, build and spread new content for you.

Create and nurture your blog

Attract top-of-the-funnel visitors and convince them of your products and services with a well-written blog.

eBooks und White Papers

Strenghten your brand while demonstrating you not only start discussions, you also build relationships and drive sales.

Infografiken und Illustrationen

Visual content makes your visitors stay and helps explaining complex topics. We create icons, illustrations, infographics and banners.


Make use of the easiest media to explain any kind of topic, shine with flattering video-testimonials or start a Youtube-Channel.

Website Content

Good content creates emotion, great content also sells your product, your service or your idea.

Content Marketing Strategy: Do you have a plan to generate new content?

You probably heard how important Content Marketing is for company growth. With a well thought out plan will your company generate sustainable and cost efficient leads and customers.

Can you answer the following questions about your content marketing strategy?

  1. When will your next piece of content be created?
  2. When was the last time your existing content was updated?
  3. What type of media works best for your customers?

We define goals, research topics, brainstorm new ideas and gather information for your company. take control over your content with a proper content marketing strategy.

Knetemann puts together and reaches your online marketing goals
Content Marketing B2B vs B2C

Content Marketing B2B: Do you have what you need for a convincing communication?

To successfully reach new customers your offers need to be convincing. B2B content marketing differs in several points from B2C. Keep the following differences in mind.

  • Smaller focus-group
  • Longer buying-cycle
  • Value is more important
  • Your first goal is to generate leads

Handling customers and creating content for them is another big difference, but one thing B2B and B2C have in common: Effective content encourages potential customers to interact with your company.

As your online marketing agency are we also in the B2B market and work with several businesses. Benefit from our vast experience and ask us for an appointment.

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