Do you have a content marketing agency for B2B and B2C?

Time for a content revolution.

Whether you run a blog, sell products in the B2B market or want to convince new customers with your content in the B2C sector, every company benefits from content marketing.

What is content marketing? And what does it get me?

You will enjoy these benefits.

Search engines love good content

Search engines want to provide your customers with the best answers to their questions. Content marketing formulates these answers.

Generate added value for customers

Your customers want to be guided and understood to the point that they have to buy your products or services. Only well-researched content marketing can achieve this.

Fosters loyalty and trust

If you present complicated issues simply, answer open questions competently and also generate added value throughout the process, you have won loyalty and trust.

Supports marketing efforts

Content marketing is recyclable. With professional content, you can write better advertising copy and social media posts.

Content Marketing Agency

Content marketing describes the generation and distribution of almost any type of media that your company creates or owns: texts, videos, audio files, graphics or images.

The goal is to create entertaining, informal or advisory content for new or existing customers. People and search engines love media diversity.

With a mix of media and topics that is right for your target group, we can strengthen your brand, place you as an expert on your topics and partially automate sales.

The content marketing strategy as a recipe for success.

You have certainly heard how important content marketing is for the growth of your business. With a well thought-out plan, your business will generate sustainable and and cost-efficiently generate visitors, leads and customers.

Can you answer the following questions about your content marketing strategy?

  1. When will the next content be published?
  2. When was the existing content revised?
  3. Which media work for your target group?

If not, we define goals with you, research topics, brainstorm new ideas and collect valuable ideas and collect valuable data for your company. With a content marketing strategy, you gain more control over your target group.

Our content marketing costs at a glance.


CHF 185/h

  • Identify content gapsAnalyse, um herauszufinden, wo es Sinn macht, Inhalt zu erstellen oder Inhalt zu optimieren.
  • Show opportunities
  • Develop a content plan

Blog post

CHF 300+

  • Improved visibilityGood blog posts answer burning questions from your target group. We leave no question unanswered.
  • Strengthens your brandThe more you write about your industry, the more your brand is seen as an expert. This creates trust and gives you an immense advantage over your competition.
  • Aimed at your target groupContent and style is adapted so that your target group enjoys reading the blog posts and understands them easily.
  • Optimised for search enginesOur contributions are found by search engines.

Landingpage Texte

CHF 700+

  • Information pagesWe write your website texts precisely tailored to your target group.
  • Offer pagesYour offer is perfectly described with not too much and not too little text, but with exactly as much text as your target group needs to decide in your favour.
  • Landing pages for ad campaignsLanding pages for campaigns are more specialised, we know that. The focus here is mainly conversion.

Grafiken erstellen

CHF 100+

  • Create an infographicExplain complex issues simply in a graphic. For web and print.
  • IllustrationsSmall illustrations that can explain a situation or issue in a visually simple way.
  • IconsFor better navigation and guidance of visitors on the website, icons are worth their weight in gold.

Video erstellen

CHF 2'450+

  • Video testimonials
  • Animation videos
  • Explainer videos

eBooks erstellen

CHF 1'450+

  • Content for conversionsA good lead strategy needs good downloadable content. eBooks and white papers help increase your conversions.
  • Stand outDo it better than your competitors and offer real added value in the form of information.
  • Build connectionsOur eBooks and white papers create connections between your customers and you.

Our customers love it.

Content marketing has a lot of influence on your website. Besides better conversions, you can also improve the bounce rate or the length of stay.


Pasta and the right sauces to go with it. Delicious!

We were asked to write the landing page including content for a POS and social media campaign. With success.

Elex AG

Company that manufactures industrial filters for factories.

With icons and technical illustrations we have improved the dwell time and the bounce rate.

Dr. med. dent. Anne Harder

Dental practice in the heart of Zurich with state-of-the-art equipment.

The new icons have given the website a completely new charm and have reduced the bounce rate by 10%.

Content Marketing B2B: Do you have everything you need for compelling communication?

B2B content marketing differs from B2C in the way it is presented, in order to successfully address new customers and convince them of your offers.

  • Small focus group
  • Long purchase cycle
  • Values in the foreground
  • Lead generation as a goal

Also in the handling of customers and the creation of value-added content, B2B differs from B2C. However, they have something in common: the content created should inspire potential customers to interact with your company.

We love working in the B2B sector because we come from B2B ourselves. Profit from our experience.

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Frequently asked questions about content marketing (FAQ)

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No. Design is primarily about making everything look nice and harmonious. Content marketing goes an important step further and optimises text, graphics, videos, PDFs, etc. for your target group with the aim of achieving a conversion. In short, content marketing is more strategic and design is part of it.

Ja, wenn richtig recherchiert wird und die Marketing- sowie Unternehmensziele unterstützt. Content Marketing nimmt Ihre Zielgruppe an die Hand und führt sie nicht nur zu Ihrem Angebot, sondern überzeugt sie auch vom Kauf. Design macht das nicht, SEO macht das nicht und auch Onlinewerbung macht das nicht. Ohne gutes Content Marketing funktioniert Online Marketing nicht.

Good content marketing creates content (text, infographics, icons, eBooks, videos, etc.) so specific that your customers are convinced your products will solve their problems.

Every company, from a sole proprietorship to a large corporation, benefits from content marketing. After all, content marketing is the communication between your company and your customers.

For most businesses, the biggest content marketing mistake is to just do something without research and without planning. Setting up a blog and simply writing posts doesn't help your goal if you don't know what you want to achieve.

The right balance varies from company to company. But what most brands use are blog posts of up to 1,000 words. This helps visitors understand how and why they should use your products or services.

Just as the content type depends on the business, so does the quantity. One fitness company needs small portions of content every day, while others see more value in a large post once a month.

All understood, where do we go from here?

Put on your customer glasses and take a look at your website. Then you should quickly realise how to proceed.

I want to use content marketing to my advantage.

We can well understand that. Now that we are of the same opinion, only one more meeting separates us from your next content marketing strategy.

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Exciting, but I want a holistic solution.

Real success comes not only from a convincing website, but also in equal parts from a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

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