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Our SEO expert looks at your website, does a short SEO check and explains where your website stands, why it stands there and gives you tips on how you can do better.

No one can find your website? Our SEO check could be the answer.

If you're wondering why your website isn't showing up on Google, a professional SEO check provides a foundation you can confidently build on.

What is an SEO check?

With SEO, you are only successful if your website is technically in a healthy state. Search engines evaluate your website according to specific criteria, an SEO check checks these superficially to identify if something is preventing Google and Co. from displaying your website.

SEO Checker

A very popular way to carry out such a check is via so-called SEO checkers. These online tools scan your website and give you a technical report. These tools are very helpful if you know something about SEO.

SEO check for when you are not an expert.

Our check is for CEOs, marketers and self-employed people who don't know where to start with SEO on their website. We test the 5 most important points and explain what the results mean.

1. Google ranking check

Where are you in the Google ranking and is your website even on Google?

2. Backlink check

What other websites recommend your website and what does that mean exactly?

3. Technical check

Are there hurdles that prevent Google from ranking you correctly?

4. Loading times check

Does your website load fast enough and if not, what can be done about it?

5. Keyword check

Does the content of your website show what you want to convey or are there problems?

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