SEO strategy as a success strategy.

What is an SEO strategy?

SEO strategy describes how your website and external factors must be optimised for search engines so that the website ranks as high as possible.

A good SEO strategy aims to be complete and for this reason also includes parts of content marketing.

When an SEO strategy is of value for your company.

If you have a team that knows programming and content but has no expertise in SEO, an SEO strategy is most valuable.

Once you want to use SEO as your advantage, you need to be very lucky or have an SEO strategy.

Our approach when we develop an SEO strategy for you.

Our strategy for you has four pillars and can be applied to existing websites, or when creating a completely new website.
1. SEO analysis

Your website will be thoroughly analysed to find optimisation opportunities. The focus is on backlinks, keywords, onpage, ranking and your competition.

2. Content analysis

Your content (text, images, videos, PDFs etc.) and especially the user guidance on your website will be checked, documented and analysed for optimisation possibilities.

3. Content strategy

The analysis is used to research what content is most wanted by your target audience and to create a plan for content creation.

4. Plan of action

Everything comes together in the action plan. We define and prioritise the tasks and recommend an optimal process for best success.

SEO strategy costs.

Every website and every industry has unique requirements. These prices should therefore be seen as a guideline and may change during a personal discussion.

Strategy S

CHF 2'495

  • Small websites / shops
  • Local businesses
  • One language

Strategy M

CHF 8'495

  • Medium websites / shops
  • National companies
  • From two languages

Strategy L


  • Large websites / shops
  • International companies
  • Multiple languages

Frequently asked questions about SEO strategy (FAQ)

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You receive a comprehensive document with analysis and a plan of action, including recommendations and advice. With this document, you know exactly what needs to be done to rank better on Google.

If you want to use SEO to your advantage, you need an SEO strategy. SEO is a long-term commitment and must therefore be well planned, otherwise you waste time and money.

Yes, we would even love to do that. Since 2013, we have actually done nothing but think up such strategies and implement them successfully.

This depends on the size of the website and the goals. But generally it takes one to three months until such a strategy is ready on your desk.