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With the following tool from Google, your website can be easily checked. The entire website is not tested. Therefore, enter the URL to the desired page.

Official data from Google Pagespeed Insights.

Core Web Vitals values are the most important.

If you have a value of 90 and more, that's already great. But look especially at "Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)", "First Input Delay (FID)" and "Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)".

Largest Contentful Paint

Largest Contentful Paint

Image from web.dev

The LCP measures how fast the largest element in the website visitor's field of view is loaded. The value must not be higher than 2.5s.

First Input Delay

First Input Delay

Image from web.dev

The FID measures how interactivity is received by website visitors. You only have this value if there is enough data for a field data application. You will not find it in the lab data. The value must not be higher than 100ms.

Cumulative Layout Shift

Cumulative Layout Shift

Image from web.dev

The CLS measures how stable your website loads and whether elements shift as soon as other elements are loaded later in the website visitor's field of view. The value must not be higher than 0.1.

What is the point of improving loading times?

Fast loading times increase the ranking of your website

Better Ranking

The better your website is valued by search engines, the higher is the chance to rank high.

A fast website promotes conversions.

Encourage Sales

A fast and user optimized website increases the chance of a conversion.

Higher ranking and more conversions makes you competitive.

Be Competitive

An optimised website makes you a stronger competitor online.

Lab data is bad, but my website loads fast.

Lab data are measured values that do not correspond to reality. So Google doesn't have enough data and therefore simulates the hits on your website. Recommendation: As long as you don't have field data, you should optimise for lab data.

Icon zu 3G und 4G

3G instead 4G

Bad cellphone connection slows down loading times.

Icon für Wifi und Kabel

WiFi instead Cable

WiFi can be volatile and influence loading times.

Icon für langsames Gerät für den SEO Speedtest

Slow devices

A slow device can slow down loading times.

I have a slow website. What can I do?

Make your visitors and search engines happy with a fast loading website.

I need support.

We make your website faster and check other possible hurdles with a short SEO check.

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Either way, I need a new website.

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