Hello! Is your website ready for the year 2021?

Google announced a change in how they rank websites in 2021.

Icon mit einer Checkliste für den Speedtest und einem Stift

Check yourself

With the following Google tool you can check your website yourself. By the way: A 90+ is considered to be good.

Official data from Google Pagespeed Insights.

Why should it be a 90?

Icon für besseres SEO Ranking

Better Ranking

The better your website is valued by search engines, the higher is the chance to rank high.

Icon für Verkaufsförderung dank SEO

Encourage Sales

A fast and user optimized website increases the chance of a conversion.

Icon zur Konkurrenzfähigkeit

Be Competitive

An optimised website makes you a stronger competitor online.

Or in other words: Search engines don't rank websites high which they don't seem worthy.

You might ask yourself: Why is my website fast with a value below 90?

In a nutshell: Google tests differently than you. Each visitor should have a good experience on your website. That's why different situations are simulated.

Icon zu 3G und 4G

3G instead 4G

Bad cellphone connection slows down loading times.

Icon für Wifi und Kabel

WiFi instead Cable

WiFi can be volatile and influence loading times.

Icon für langsames Gerät für den SEO Speedtest

Slow devices

A slow device can slow down loading times.

We make your website ready for 2021

Since 2013 we optimise websites for small and medium companies for search engines.

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We bring your value up to 90+

Your website will be optimised on the technical level to improve your loading times.

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Your Website will be subjected to our SEO check

Optimising for loading times is just one thing we can do for you to be more successful online.

We would be pleased to have you as our latest customer. Are you ready for a successful 2021?

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