Online marketing at a flat rate price.

Marketing Team at a fixed price

Benefit immediately from our knowledge and experience acquired over the last 10+ years.

Know-how immediately available

You can get started right away. Even in the first month, we start with optimisations even before the general strategy. Because we know what always needs to be worked on, no matter what the strategy says.

Highly flexible and without interruption

When we work for you, the work doesn't stop. The best thing about the flat rate: there are no additional costs for cancelled or restarted projects.

Support your Sales Team

We build bridges between marketing and sales teams and help your sales team sell more easily with new and more leads. New wind also brings new ideas for the general improvement of the company.

Webseite erstellen lassen

Visibility here and visibility there. Everyone writes and talks about it. So why are there so many companies not visible? Because the process is time-consuming and sometimes a bit overwhelming.

With your online marketing at a flat rate, you get a specialised task force team to future-proof your business.

The best option for business.

A dedicated online marketing team will ensure that your business is always visible across multiple channels and will help your sales team to generate more sales. With the Online Marketing Flat Rate, you have the flexibility to react to the market or the competition, because you always have a team at your side to support you with all its experience.

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Our offer

Small Task-Force


Big Task-Force


With us you have full cost flexibility. We offer you the marketing you need for the budget you have. Simply choose between three solutions. Every option includes the same services.

A monthly one to keep a perfect eye on your costs. A half-yearly, as a carefree all-round package (our recommendation) and a full-year for longer-term sustainable results.

Mehr Seiten erstellen lassen. Expand your website.

We expand your website with new content. Including forms, pages, etc.

Ein individuelles Design erstellen lassen. Google Business Profil.

We take care of your GBP and build it up if it does not already exist.

Ein neues Logo erstellen lassen. SEO.

We improve the SEO of your website or build it up professionally.

Einen Blog erstellen lassen. Blog.

We build a blog and fill it with new content.

Einen Online-Shop erstellen lassen. Online advertising.

We build an advertising strategy for Google, Meta, LinkedIn and Co.

Individuelle Anforderungen. Newsletter.

We will set up a newsletter for you and send out information on a regular basis.

Individuelle Anforderungen. Social Media.

We create new posts on LinkedIn and Meta at regular intervals.

Individuelle Anforderungen. New Webseite.

You don't have one yet or you need a new one? It is included in the price.

Individuelle Anforderungen. Monthly Reporting.

Every month send a dashboard to you for further discussion and decisions.

Inserate in Zeitungen und Zeitschriften erstellen Create advertisements.

We will design and write advertisements for newspapers and magazines.

Designarbeiten Design work.

We can take on small design jobs or retouch photos for you.

Professionelle Online Marketing Beratung Professional consulting.

We will help you with all your online marketing needs.

Procedure: Simple process

We take a structured approach and make decisions based on data and experience.

1. Analysis

Backlink Analyse

The analysis helps us to find out what you are already using, what the competition is doing and what we need to do first.

This analysis is carried out every six months so that we do not lose sight of the goal: Your success.

2. Implementation

Backlink Analyse

In implementation, we raise everything to a functioning standard and then constantly expand and extend or improve.

We will, of course, keep you up to date and inform you about what we are doing.

3. Reporting

Backlink Analyse

We live performance marketing. That means we measure for all we're worth. After all, we want to know where we need to optimise.

Every month, the figures are discussed via an individual data dashboard and, based on this, we also decide what to do next.

Actually, I want more selective support.

That is perfect. We have been supporting companies on a selective basis since 2013. Where do you need support?

I want more leads and traffic

I am not happy with my website

I want to be found better on Google

Oft gefragt (FAQ)

If you are looking for more information or want to talk directly to Nino about your plans.

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Our goal is to free you up for the important things in your business. That's why we take care of building and optimising your online presence to attract more visitors to your website and improve the conversion of visitors into customers.

We use a variety of topic-specific tools and metrics to measure the performance of our activities. These include the number of website visitors, interaction rates or the conversion rate.

Our online marketing flat rate is perfect for SMEs that would need a larger marketing team or the services of an agency, but can't/won't afford it.

In the first few months you will already see a positive trend.

Online marketing allows companies to reach a much larger target group. It also allows for better audience segmentation and greater measurability of results. In addition, it is usually more cost-efficient than traditional marketing methods.

We are your marketing team working completely remotely. Our biggest priority is to help your business succeed with useful online marketing measures. To do this, we listen carefully to you, identify the most acute pain points and develop a bespoke strategy for your business. We hold regular meetings to discuss progress and make adjustments where necessary.

Das ist in der Flatrate sogar inbegriffen.

We can do this, but it is not included in the flat rate and would have to be charged separately. Included in the flat rate, however, is the preparation and support. For example, we research topics and help with the creation of the table of contents.

We create designs for advertisements or newsletter templates, a business card or other smaller things. However, when it comes to large design projects, such as redesigning an entire website, we are out. Our focus is online marketing. But we help with the creation of the design with inputs and our expertise.

When it comes to short and small animations for advertising campaigns, that's what we do. As soon as it gets bigger, we work together with real video professionals.

And what now?

Tell us what you need and, most importantly, in what form you need assistance. We will find a solution.

I want holistic support for my online marketing.

You're in luck, because that's exactly why we created the Online Marketing Flat Rate: So that we can sustainably support your company's growth.

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I have a different project

If our flat rate offer is more than you need and you are actually only looking for support for a project of longer duration, please feel free to contact us as well. The best thing to do is simply get in touch.

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