You want to advertise online and generate leads?

Flexible to use with fast results.

Your advertising message can sell a product, search for a new employee or draw attention to your latest post. You will already have the first results within a few hours and can flexibly expand your ads.

Advertising needs experience.

Feels familiar?

Google Ads campaign does not work.

An ad campaign is set up quickly, but not set up well quickly. Many clicks are not enough, the clicks must also make sense. The Pizzeria Napoli can't do anything with visitors who search for the city.

Lots of clicks, but nothing else.

Online advertising brings potential customers to your website. But from then on, your offer must be right and the website must be geared towards your potential customers.

The leads are useless.

Good online advertising means convincing at every point. Bad leads? Show us your offer and we'll show you where the problem lies.

Advertise Online

With online advertising, the goal must be to build a lead-generating system that helps your business attract new customers.

Only a harmonious concert of offer, advertisement and website can still convince today.

Success with customers shows that it works.

Placing online advertising must be well researched and maintained and optimised with the necessary care.

Valse des Roses

The fairest and most beautiful roses around Lake Zurich.

E-commerce is alive, growing and changing every day. We accompanied them with a Google Ads campaign and achieved 10% more sales.

Eveline Bürgi

Wedding speaker, actress, spokesperson and presenter.

She recently started her own business and asked us for help. 6 months later she was so busy that we had to stop Google Ads.

Christian Meixner

Photographer and videographer with passion.

Created a small but fine campaign and accompanied it for half a year. The campaign is still running and brings in new customers every month.

Fair cost models for your requirements.

Hourly Rate

For coaching or projects

CHF 185/h

  • JumpstartWe set up your initial campaign and show you how everything works before you take over.
  • TroubleshootingIf you need help with a specific topic.
  • AnalysesWe analyse the current campaigns and tell you what you can improve.


For small businesses

CHF 500

  • 1 CampaignWe set up a campaign with an offer for you and optimise the keywords, ads, bidding strategy, troubleshooting, etc. on a monthly basis. Expandable as desired.
  • 3 variationsWe put up to three different variations on how your offer can be sold and optimise what works best.
  • 3 ads per variationWe write and optimise three convincing ads for each variant.
  • Conversion trackingWe set up conversion tracking correctly once.
  • Monthly analysis & reporting

Success Basis

10'000+ Advertising budget


  • Unlimited campaignsSo many campaigns are created and optimised until we know exactly which one will give you the most success.
  • Unlimited variations
  • Unlimited Ads
  • Conversion trackingWe set up conversion tracking correctly once.
  • Monthly analysis & reporting

You need to know where you can and should place advertising.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

We help you generate new leads via Google Ads as well as Bing Ads. All you have to do is sell. If you sell online, we can even help you with that.

Social media advertising

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or other platforms. It is important that you can switch or expand to other platforms at any time. Do you have the flexible partner you need?

Banner Ads

The old form of online advertising still works very well. You just need to know which platforms have the right target group for your offer.

We help holistically

All our clients always benefit from our complete online marketing knowledge.

Frequently asked questions about online advertising (FAQ)

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For your product, your service, your job description or even your new blog post. With online advertising, you get your message in front of your target group exactly when you need to.

Very dependent on the industry, campaign setting and platform. The most popular is PPC (numbers per click), but the cost per click varies greatly by industry.

The success of your campaign is not tied to the number of clicks, but about what happens after the click. We will give you an estimated number of clicks, but that says nothing about success.

Search engine advertising with Google Ads and Bing Ads. Social media advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. and banner advertising on various websites.

Ok, what can I do now?

You can sell your offers, find new employees or draw attention to something important to you.

I want to advertise online.

Successful online advertising needs a good offer and a good partner for the implementation. You already have the offer.

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Actually I am looking for something more sustainable

You want no ongoing costs and a sustainable inbound marketing strategy?

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