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Generate New Customers With No Advertisement Budget

What Is SEO?

SEO is an Acronym for Search Engine Optimisation and describes the process to optimise your website to bring more relevant visitors to your website without paying for Ads.

SEO is part of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) with the second part being SEA (Search Engine Advertisement).

To put it simple: SEO makes it possible to be found easier on search engines in order to generate more traffic on your website.

The process of optimisation includes changes of the design of your website, optimise the content on your website and the strategy on how more external websites point to yours. The focus is to generate content dedicated to a specific topic for each site. The basics of SEO are explained fast, but don't let this fool you. SEO can get very complex very fast.

Google uses 200+ different factors to rate your website in order to place you in the search results. Some of them are describing content (how the content needs to be written) and some of them are purely technical (how fast does it take your website to load).

Beacuse of the growing complexity it is recommended to find a trustworthy partner to take care of your SEO related strategy. SEO changes a little every year, make sure you have a partner which is up to date.

Why is SEO so important?

A Webseite ist not a glorified business card anymore. Your website is the central point for existing and potential new customers. It is not a business card anymore, but rather your office.

47.35% of all searches in clicks in the organic part of the search results (below the ad-section). Clicks on ads are only 3.69%. The other 48.96% are resulting in no click at all. - Data from Quarter One 2019

More than 45% of all clicks happen in the unpaid section. This is potential business for your company and should be used as well as possible.

What is the cost of SEO?

The bigger a website (number of pages, more than one language and so on) the more it will cost. The cost are split into three parts: Analysis, changes based on the analysis and continuing optimisations.

Our analysis has two parts. Part one is the general analysis inclusive an analysis of your competition. Part two is a technical analysis of your website, also known as SEO-Audit.

Based on the strategy and the size of the website the analysis can take one week up to three months and more. Our cost for this part starts at CHF 500 up to CHF 10'000+. The cost of the changes are based on the wishes. Our analysis shows you where you have points to improve and is a basis for discussion on how to continue.

Both, the analysis and the changes have to be done once. But in order to stay ahead of your competition it is important to keep optimising.

The constant optimisation will have to be done on a monthly basis and cost from CHF 500 to CHF 3'000+.

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