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Good SEO consultancy means to listen, understand and implement. We hear your goals, understand what you want and introduce solutions which help you achieve your goals.

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Why is SEO so important?

  • It strengthens your brand
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Advertising without the costs
  • Increased trust from your customers
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Increase in sales

What ist SEO? And why you want to be found online

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, in simple terms this means you can position yourself higher in search engine results such as google and co.

Are you asking yourself why SEO is so important for your business?

  • Studies show that more than 50% of customers research a product online before purchasing in a brick and mortar store (Google study)

  • It's a similar picture in the B2B area. A study of sana commerce shows that 47% of clients research information online during the B2B purchasing process.

When you are being found online your sales can grow substantialy and generate more customers. Our SEO consultants goal is exactly that.

SEO for your company: Get seen by your potential customers

Nowadays it does not matter anymore how someone shops, the internet plays an important role.

Search Engines are used to gather information, research ideas or compare options before a decision is made.

We bring your company in front of your potential clients and enourage them to decide in your favour.

We use various techniques from our SEO- and Content Marketing-Toolbox so that you can win against your competition and sustainably increase sales.

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SEO Analysis

We take the present state of your website and compare it to your competition. Now you know what has to be done to be better than them.

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Keyword Research

Your customers find information on search engines through keywords. We find these keywords and implement them on your website.

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Technical SEO

Is your website not optimised for search engines? Chances are you don't do so well on them. We make your online presence attractive for Google and friends.

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Local SEO

You get more customers into your store when they find you online. Local SEO does exactly that: Convince customers to visit or call your store.

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Link Building

Links to your website are recommendations on the internet. We believe your website should have more recommendations and will help you with that.

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One of the most important benefits of Online-Marketing in general: The ability to measure what your customers do and how to improve to get more conversions.

Our SEO-Experts not only generate a sustainable flow of new customers, we also strenghten your brand and improve the ROI of your company.

SEO Analysis is the first step on your journey to success

We basically try to understand how your potential customers search and how you can be found easier by them.

We analyse your company to understand what you are doing well and where we have room for improvement.

Additionally will we create a document with tasks to reach your goals. We know talking alone will help nobody, which is why we want to start working.

Benefit from our SEO-Starter-Package

Our SEO check provides you with valuable information how your business can achieve more online

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SEO consultation by Knetemann: Your business' success is our goal

SEO ist an ever changing field and requires analytical, technical and interpersonal skills.

We make it our mission to be always up to date and provide your business with new options to become succesful online. After all - your success is our success

More customers, increased visitors, increase foot traffic in store, more sales… whatever your goal is we are happy to support you in achieving it!

Knetemann as your SEO-Expert

  • Experienced since 2013
  • One customer for one area
  • Flexible
  • We love what we do
  • We take time for you

Invest in a clear SEO strategy to see lasting results

The longer you nurture your SEO the better the results will become.

  1. Your ROI will improve
  2. Your customers trusts will increase
  3. Your website will start to sell on autopilot
  4. You will meet your prospective customers faster

A good SEO strategy results in a steady stream of new customers. Start early enough in order to leave your competition behind. If you want to see even faster results why not try online advertising?

Why you should start now?

  • Catch up with your competition
  • Online is only going to become more important
  • Be ready for the future
  • The sooner you start, the faster you can see the results in your sales