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What Is Online-Marketing?

Online-Marketing uses channels online to share a message about brand, services or products of your company to reach existing and potential new customers.

The goal is to reach potential customer where they spend their time online reading, writing, searching and shopping.

Online-Marketing differs from classic marketing in how they reach people. While Online-Marketing uses the internet, classical marketing has Print, TV, Radio, Plakate, Flyers and other offline-media.

Before online was an established sales channel you had to pay high sums to reach your potential customers. Additionally, you could not properly measure how well the campaigns were doing and you had to guess most of the time.

What are the benefits of Online-Marketing?

Today, every business can use Online-Marketing to reach their goals with a massively less expensive budget while being able to measure how well the campaigns are doing in almost real-time. This also allows to finetune your campaigns when you see something is not working the way you want.

The biggest benefit of Online-Marketing is the possibility to measure. Because everything is done digitally you can measure how each online-channel is doing and even combine the data.

You can measure how your visitors are using your website, where in the process of buying a product on your online store they leave without buying or you can just measure how often a PDF was downloaded. These and many more datapoints help you make decisions for optimisation and help you understand where you might have issues to address.

There are countless parameters that can be included in your analysis to find out why something does not work or how you can improve something.

Online-Marketing Tools

To build a successful Online-Marketing strategy you need various tools. Here are some tools you can utilise for your goals:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation
  • SEA (Search Engine Advertisement)
  • A/B Testing and Website-Optimisation
  • Content Marketing
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
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