Online Marketing Check

Where are you standing online and what are your possibilities.
Online Marketing Check that brings you success as an icon

Are you using the full potential of Online Marketing?

Two big benefits of Online Marketing is the almost infinite amount of areas of applications and the possibilities to see what is of value for your company and what is not.

No wonder more and more find success through the internet.

The beauty in the art of this kind of customer acquisition is the price. Online Marketing costs, in comparison, little and generates fast results.

But the full potential is only possible to reach if you ask many questions.

We answer your questions

We find the answers to reach your online goals with our check. Every digital corner will be looked at to answer questions about your website, Google, new customers, competition, online advertisement and Social Media.

Does any one of these questions sound familiar to you?

Why are we not on page 1 on Google?

How can my website generate revenue?

How can I reach new customers?

Who is my biggest competition online?

How can I earn more with Google Ads?

How can I leverage Social Media to my benefit?

Profit from our online Marketing Check

We scan your digital footprint and present your company actionable solutions to reach your goals.

Cost: 500.-

When you agree to implement the changes with us, this cost will be deducted from the final invoice.


This check is a perfect groundwork to decide the next course of action without losing valuable time for your core business.

Second Opinion

An external expert evaluates your online marketing strategy with fresh eyes and brings new ideas to the table.


All is new and exciting. We give you an assuring ground analysis with our check from the perspective of an experienced expert without the high fix costs.